Rosters and Schedules

Sabbath Service Preaching Roster

Divine Service Preaching Roster
DatePreacherSermon EmphasisSpecial Day Emphasis
2023-Jan-07Pastor Jeff JeffersonWalk In the Land: Moving Forward With GodNew Year Sabbath
2023-Jan-14Pastor Darrage StephensPrayer Ministry
2023-Jan-21Pastor Jeff Jefferson
2023-Feb-11Pastor Jeff JeffersonCelebrating Zero: Freedom from sin and bondage
2023-Feb-18Pastor Darrage Stephens
2023-Jan-28Pastor Jeff JeffersonOn the Borders of Greatness: Maximising Your Spiritual Experience
2023-Feb-04Elder Franklyn JuliusGet Up And WalkMission Emphasis
2023-Feb-25Sirius TaylorThe Only One To EscapeYouth Day
2023-Mar-11Pastor Jeff JeffersonI’ve Got Legacy: The Assurance of Salvation
2023-Mar-18Pastor Jeff JeffersonLeadership and Change
2023-Mar-04Dr. WilliamsTransforming Power of PrayerWomen’s Ministry Day
2023-Apr-08Easter Musical
2023-Mar-25Elder Herbert MorganWhy People SufferEducation
2023-Apr-01Pastor Jeff JeffersonGod’s Mercy Towards Us Topic : Mercy Said No
2023-Apr-08Pastor Dorrage StephensEaster Musical
2023-Apr-15Dr Alanzo SmithTo be updated
2023-Apr-22Pastor Alton Williams
2023-May-06Pastor Fred NicholsWhen You Are StrengthenedPersonal Ministries
2023-May-13Pastor Jeff JeffersonBecause You Know Your PurposeMother’s Day

Divine Service Music Roster

Divine Service Music Roster
DateMusician(s) Song Leader / Praise TeamOpening Praise SongsHighest Praise SongsClosing Praise Songs
2023-Mar-04Nashon Headley Druneil GuyYouth Praise TeamMarching to Zion, Come and Go With meHe’ll Do It Again, When You PrayTo God be The Glory, You Are The Living Word
2023-Jun-17Instrumental – HarpJunior YouthInstrumental Junior Youth

Prayer Meeting Roster

DateMeeting HostPresenterMeeting Focus
2023-Mar-01Sister HardingPastor Jeff JeffersonBible Study
2023-Mar-08Sister HarrisonPastor Jeff JeffersonBible Study
2023-Mar-15Pastor Jeff JeffersonBible Study
2023-Mar-22Panel Of PastorsBibl Answers Live
2023-Mar-29Pastor Jeff JeffersonBible Study
2023-Apr-05Stewardship Ministries
2023-Apr-12Stewardship Ministry
2023-Apr-19Family Life
2023-Apr-26Family Life Ministries
2023-May-03Personal Ministries
2023-May-10Personal Ministries
2023-May-17Women’s ministry
2023-May-24Women’s Ministry
2023-Jul-05Youth Ministries / M. Rose
2023-Jul-12Youth Ministries / M. Rose
2023-Jul-19Youth Ministries
2023-Jul-26Youth Ministry
2023-Aug-02Ministry With Disabled
2023-Aug-09Ministry With Disabilities
2023-Aug-16Health Ministries
2023-Aug-23Health Ministries
2023-Sep-06Deacons and Deaconesses
2023-Sep-13Deacons and Deaconesses
2023-Sep-20Community Services
2023-Sep-27Community Services
2023-Oct-04Sabbath School
2023-Oct-11Sabbath School
2023-Oct-18Men’s Ministry
2023-Oct-25Men’s Ministry
2023-Nov-01Religious Liberty
2023-Nov-08Religious Liberty
2023-Nov-15Singles Ministry
2023-Nov-22Singles Ministry
2023-Dec-13Music Ministry
2023-Dec-20Music Ministry

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Elders On Duty Roster

Elders On Duty Roster

YearElders On Duty

2023 Elders Bi-weekly Schedule



H Morgan: 7, 14 B Anderson: 21, 28

M Smith: 7, 14 L Pitterson: 21, 28



Vanda Semper: 4, 11 Horace Gardner: 18, 25

Franklin Julius: 4, 11 Ayon Bright: 18, 25


Herbert Morgan: 4, 11 Barrington Anderson: 18, 25

Leslie Pitterson: 4, 11 Miriam Smith: 18, 25


Vanda Semper: 1,8 Franklin Julius: 15, 22 Herbert Morgan: 29

Ayon Bright: 1,8 Horace Gardner: 15, 22 Leslie Pitterson: 29



Herbert Morgan: 6 Barrington Anderson: 13, 20 Vanda Semper: 27

Leslie Pitterson: 6 Miriam Smith: 13, 20 Ayon Bright: 27


Ayon Bright: 3 Franklin Julius: 10, 17 Herbert Morgan: 24

Vanda Semper: 3 Horace Gardner: 10, 17 Leslie Pitterson: 24


Herbert Morgan: 1 Vanda Semper: 8, 15 Barrington Anderson: 22, 29

Leslie Pitterson: 1 Miriam Smith: 8, 15 Horace Gardner: 22, 29



Franklin Julius: 5, 12 Herbert Morgan: 19, 26

Ayon Bright: 5, 12 Miriam Smith: 19, 26


Vanda Semper: 2, 9 Ayon Bright: 16, 23 Herbert Morgan: 30

Leslie Pitterson: 2, 9 Horace Gardner: 16, 23 Franklin Julius: 30


Franklin Julius: 7 Miriam Smith: 14, 21 Vanda Semper: 28

Herbert Morgan: 7 Barrington Anderson: 14, 21 Leslie Pitterson: 28



Vanda Semper: 4 Franklin Julius: 11, 18 Miriam Smith: 25

Leslie Pitterson: 4 Ayon Bright: 11, 18 Horace Gardner: 25


Miriam Smith: 2 Herbert Morgan: 9, 16 Franklin Julius: 23, 30

Horace Gardner: 2 Vanda Semper: 9, 16 Leslie Pitterson: 23, 30











Bible Class Roster

Bible Class Roster based On The Great Controversy
Period CoveredSchedule and Presenters
Covered By Chapter Sequence

1-3 H. Morgan 

4-6 H. Gardner 

7-9 L.Pitterson 

10-12 A. Bright 

13-15 M. Smith 

16-18 B Anderson 

19-21 V. Semper 

22-24 F. Julius 

25-28 H. Morgan 

29-32 H. Gardner 

33-35 L. Pitterson 

36-39 A. Bright 

40-42 M. Smith 

Deacons Roster
Food Pantry Roster
Sabbath School Duty Roster


Kitchen Duty Roster

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